Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Notes: Time and Noise Issues

Last night I attempted AP again. But this time instead of waking up after 2am, I was awake at 10:30pm or so. Which was way too early considering my sister and her kids are not asleep yet. (Yes, they aren't -.-) So, playful screams + dog searching (opening my door in my almost projecting peak making me jump) + sister listening to loud music while the kids are falling asleep O.o = bad combination to relax.

So I did drank some bit of coffee to stop morning headaches but thanks to my sister's noisiness I ended up falling asleep so late I was tired and slept the whole night. I do look forward to NL as it's quieter there and more organized schedule wise, maybe I'll have more success then. -.- No school kids going to sleep after 11pm getting me grumpy enough to lower my vibrations. zzzz

At least so far the attempt to do it every night it's progressing. After waking up at 10:30pm I had the same heavy and sleepy body as the previous night when I succeeded. So I will attempt again tonight.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Full Success!

So after many days trying to AP, I gave up and gave it a rest. I dedicated myself to write my novel. Until yesterday when I suddenly got this urge want to AP. So I saw a lot of things on it and read them before bed.

I went to sleep and decided to first sleep and then wake up and then attempt AP.
Normal dreams with buildings, my boss, Grey's Anatomy, and all that random stuff. I woke up, went to the bathroom and went, NOW IT'S A GOOD TIME!

I laid down on bed and relaxed myself. I started by concentrating on my energy starting with my feet, going upwards little by little, until I almost fell asleep. I guess in part I was lucky, I drifted into dream but I got out of it just as quick, "Uh oh, you almost fell asleep, stay awake!" I told myself. And that's when it started. Suddenly, I felt extremely relax, I didn't felt an inch of my body, just, weightless. And then the sound. I've always been good at controlling my emotions when the situation required it. So I used my talent in this case. Before I managed this AP I wondered if I could apply this control of emotions technique to keep myself from returning to my body out of pure excitement. Well, turned out it did worked!

The usual noise started, but this time, I wasn't afraid of it, I actually welcomed it with open arms like an old friend. "There you are! About time!" I thought. LOL I pay attention to it taking into consideration my previous notes on not pushing myself out of the body before time. SO I relaxed and enjoyed. Then I started to shake... THAT was weird. LOL But I knew it was normal after some experiences I've read. It wasn't the EQ shaking like last time. It was this intense shaking, like literally vibrating. No wonder they call it vibration. I felt I was a human milkshake. XD

So I pay attention to it, wondering when would it stop so I can start my adventure. While I waited I made a little prayer, "Angels, guides, keep an eye on my while I'm on my adventure." And then... the sound faded, it didn't stopped, but it did went low enough to not get my attention.

I found myself automatically rolling out of bed, like being pushed. But I thought as I saw the floor, "Wait... why am I rolling? Float! ffs!" So I started  to float. That was awesome! I decided not to waste anytime looking at my room, as the more time I spent near my body the quicker I would be pulled back in. So other than the wall and the ceiling I was looking at while getting out I didn't saw much of it.

I was passing though the ceiling of my house, floating above the neighborhood. An interesting fact, I've seen that view before, in previous dream flights. Which made me think they weren't just dreams. But they are not the houses on front of my house either. Kind of another world, or dare I say dimension. Really small houses all aligned, gray and ugly. I figured I didn't wanted anything to do with that people bellow (probably I felt they were of lower realms, kind of ghosts grouped up), so I decided to focus on The Netherlands, my first goal.

I floated even higher, enjoying the sensation. I figured it would take ages to just float across the Atlantic. So i tried to do what I read from William Buhlman. I focussed my intention on Europe, then NL. I started to hear voices, so I payed attention as I floated. It was like being carried by the sea on a small draft. All was dark, but I knew there wasn't much to see, I was way up in the sky. But then the voices, I pay attention to them, it was German. "Uh oh, too far" I thought LOL

So I went down to see where it was, it didn't made sense to me to be in Germany while I focused on NL. So I softly landed on the street. Did I mention how awesome the control feeling is? Loved it! No falling or scared, or anything! Just, freedom and control. Surprised me how well I just landed where I wanted. By the sun I figured it might be around 9am. There were some people playing domino on a corner bellow the sun. Those were the ones I heard. No one seemed to noticed me yet. I got close to a house/building near them to see the street name, I knew where to look for them so I searched. I found the name, but I forgot now... it was hard to spell. XD But Alas! It was dutch! So I suddenly knew I was actually in a Dutch/Germanic border town. When I looked around me, there was this black man, with a very gentle face, looking at me and smiling. He was behind someone else. Something makes me think he was a guide, not mine, but of that person. Was kind of an old lady and he was supporting her by the shoulder.

Then I thought, "Well, I'm not that far form my goal. Not bad, maybe I should think of exactly where in NL I want to be." I figured thinking of my BF would automatically get me there but no. I ended up in the far end of NL. Haha! So I thought, ok, then all I needed to think was the name of the place close to my street, and I would find my way from there easier. Didn't wanted to push myself afraid to wake up, so I took thing very calmly. The area that led to my Bf's street started to form. But at the same time the center of the city I worked in. Now I saw I was drifting into a dream instead of controlling it. But I fought a bit to keep control.

Before obtaining control again I saw an old friend from University, she was with her now ex, on a bench. And she was like, "Long time no see!" I was puzzled. "Can you see me?" She answered quiet confused, "No, but I can hear you." I kept walking to the direction my BF lived after DH materialized again. Looking behind me at her like wondering why was she in NL.

When I approached our street I saw that it was full of signs and stores I've haven't seen there yet. By the looks of it, very futuristic. Bellow our building there is a clothing store now. But in this case, it was instead an electronic store. I found this strange and looked inside. There I saw my BF. It was so clear I thought it was real and forgot about the fact that the store didn't made sense. He was looking at some plasma TV and beside him there were some High School girls giggling. I found them annoying so I went inside the TV, remembering my friend told me she could hear me, and went "Boo!" The girls looked at each other and my BF had his WTF face. LOL it was fun. I started to laugh and he recognized my voice. The girls laughed cause they thought it was some speaker lady playing with the microphone.

When I got out of the TV it made some static and went back to it's show. I followed my BF as he walked to pay some sort of camera on his hand, or at least a part of it. It was a lens I think. But I stood beside him and tickled him. It worked. That's when I figured, "Heck, it's now a dream." He DON'T tickle, so even if I could, he wouldn't even move. So I gave up and saw him pay for whatever he ha don his hands and went out of the store. I tried to follow him but at this point I was waking up. Slowly drifting back.

The return surprised me, because my usual experience is slamming back to my body. But I guess once you control it, it won't happen. When I woke up, I figured what woke me up. I had a coffee headache. Stupid coffee addiction. If I am awake at 5am, my head starts to hurt because I need coffee. -.- So That was it. But I was SO HAPPY afterwards! I always get these experiences but this is the first time I am fully conscious about it! really looking forward to more! YAY!

Oh, and since my goal was to see my BF in NL, and I only managed it once it turned into a dream. It is STILL my goal. Until I managed it without loosing control of it. I did saw him clearer than all the other dreams of him I have. O.O SHARP and CLEAR. Nothing like a dream, yet it was a dream. A. I was a ghost so he shouldn't have felt me. B. Even if he did he doesn't tickle. <<

I read an article on this occurring where you are consciously out of your body and your mind starts to create the dream like every night. It is some sort of Alice in Wonderland effect. When things were real and they start not to make sense, until you see something that make you realize it was now a dream. Such was mine with my BF tickling.
So, note for next time: Pay attention to dream clues so I can stop it from proceeding. And this way stay in the Astral state. 
 I will attempt to visit NL once again if I manage to AP before traveling there by the end of May. If I can't AP by then, then I will have to change my location goal to somewhere in Asia to keep experimenting. Once I master traveling like this, I will proceed to try to master control of the experience without falling into dreams of the mind. And then, to attempt future seeing and guides meeting. :)

Until next time!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fail Attempt Notes to Consider

Time is key. All my experiences happen around 2am. I realized forcing myself to have an OBE at 9pm or so is not such a good idea. It drained my energies for the rest of the night. So at 2am I felt my body asleep and my mind awake. Not being able to do anything else.
Note to self: Just sleep from 9pm onwards and at 2am attempt OBE.
This morning I woke up at 7am, basically I slept 11 hours because I spent the first 3 attempting OBE which led to less sleep. I tried, since my body was still asleep. I managed to feel my body drifting and myself floating. I managed to see images. At some point I saw an imaged I almost grabbed but then drifted further. Kind of like remove viewing. It was an antique living room with wine pattern walls, a wine pattern old small sofa/chair, some tables and an old TV, with the picture of a nuclear mushroom cloud. Maybe it was the past, maybe it was part of the OBE, or something else. But it literally went away, like when something just goes further from you, like a car driving away. And closed up in a black whole. After this, I was a bit frustrated, which is also not a good idea. But I commanded myself, "I want to raise my vibrations." My body started to shake, kind of like earthquake shake. To the sides. I was finally doing it. But... my dad's loud voice interrupted me.
Note to self: Do not attempt OBE on a weekend morning when everyone is home. Only allowed to do so at 5am.
I will try again tonight but not right away after I go to sleep. This drained my energies for the actual window at 2am. But the feeling of the vibrations at will at 7am was something new for me. And I'll try to attempt it again. I guess like William Buhlman said, the Universe takes everything literal. I'll try to make further use of this literal wording power we have. But how to say it and feel it in a way you know you are being assertive and not just shyly asking? We'll see what happens tonight.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

OBE Experience #1: No fear

Even though I've had many other experiences, none of them were voluntary or clear. I do know they were actual out of body experiences. But this journal will be focusing on the experiments starting today. To keep track of them and share them. I have my own journal, but this way I can share my experiences with the world.

I woke up at 2am to use the bathroom. After reading the book before bed I was convinced I needed to forced myself not to fear the buzzing sound of a projection. When I came back to bed I spent a few hours trying to relax, kind of hard when I want to. Everything starts to itch, and my hair starts to tickle my face. It's frustrating. As I try to ignore it I kept repeating "Clarity, out of my body, I am now out of my body". After a few hours I drifted into pre-dreaming. Random images of possible dreams, and suddenly a faint gun shoot sound and then the buzzing sound.

I automatically understood what was happening. I started to hear the voices and whispers that made me fear this sound. But I shut them down this time by repeating "I surround myself with light and love". The voices stop and I relaxed, heavily relaxed.  And I knew I had control. But alas! I forgot to think through one step, how do I get out? I knew how to get out, the problem is being able to find the answer without panicking. So I forgot to program myself to do so. I tried to get up as my head was already lifted. I could see myself sleeping, but very close, which means I was only partly separated. But then I forced it, too much, I slammed back into my body and my chest felt like I just run 2 miles. I guess I used way too much energy.

Like I said, I forgot to program myself on how to get out of my body, which I wanted to do the following. As soon as I would hear the sound, I would feel the energy vibrating on my body and I would just concentrate on that and then after a while think of floating. It's kind of like learning to swim, you need to learn how to float first. SO this is what I will try again tonight or at least until I accomplish it.

PS: I look silly sleeping with my face over the pillow. << lol

Some Background Information

I grew up with a family and a culture that is very in touch yet afar from the spiritual world. And I say afar because even when they recognize the existence of this world, they barely trust it enough to help them, and only fear. When it comes to Astral Projecting, there was my dilemma and the difference with my brothers. My brothers would tell me endless adventures from the night, how they flew out of the bodies and explored the neighborhood at night. Yet I couldn't, or at least I didn't remember. They do it naturally and I was somewhat envious. It wasn't until now that I realized the difference. They weren't afraid, they were explorers with big enthusiasm. I, on the other hand, being sensible to the paralleled world projecting in the physical world, was more afraid of that non physical world.

I was always sensing spirits and at night I could see them, sometimes even hear them. I saw my grandfather before he died while he was in a coma. I saw the spirits living in the old house I spent my first years in. I saw angels, I saw a virgin, I saw many things before my 20th year. My mom would tell me I was visually sensitive. I could see more than she could. And she never made fun of me, or mark me as crazy or imaginative. She trusted I was telling the true. She know I had some gifts. I knew things about this world and beyond that no one taught me. I was raised catholic yet my ideals and beliefs were more universal. And less catholic lol It was this sensitivity to energy that drove me away form the church.

As time went by I experienced some OBE that made me realized I could also do it. Yet I would also be afraid. So I wasn't sure if I even dared do it consciously. But little by little, I grew strong against my fears, i would fight them and win over them. And so, I learned not to fear my inner world. Now I trust it more than even the physical one. But there was something that I still feared, sleep paralysis and the sound that came with it. A strange LOUD buzzing sound. Like constant waves form the brain. I thought maybe thats what they were. And even though I was afraid when they happened, I later analyzed that I would always experience good things after them. So there came my question, is this sound a good sign?

I found and started reading some similar experience. I was convinced this was a positive sign that Astral Traveling was being initiated. And so I decided to start loosing my fear of it. Wasn't until yesterday when I started reading a book by William Buhlman that I was determined not to fear the sound of the vibrational state. And so my adventure begins. If you wish to start to know about the Astral Plane and traveling his book is the best way to start. As it is written form an explorer approach, lacking any knowledge on the subject but experimenting with an open mind and the excitement of a child in a new place.