Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Notes: Time and Noise Issues

Last night I attempted AP again. But this time instead of waking up after 2am, I was awake at 10:30pm or so. Which was way too early considering my sister and her kids are not asleep yet. (Yes, they aren't -.-) So, playful screams + dog searching (opening my door in my almost projecting peak making me jump) + sister listening to loud music while the kids are falling asleep O.o = bad combination to relax.

So I did drank some bit of coffee to stop morning headaches but thanks to my sister's noisiness I ended up falling asleep so late I was tired and slept the whole night. I do look forward to NL as it's quieter there and more organized schedule wise, maybe I'll have more success then. -.- No school kids going to sleep after 11pm getting me grumpy enough to lower my vibrations. zzzz

At least so far the attempt to do it every night it's progressing. After waking up at 10:30pm I had the same heavy and sleepy body as the previous night when I succeeded. So I will attempt again tonight.

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