Friday, May 27, 2011

Projecting through lucid dreaming

I was amazed of what I managed to do last night being today the last day here o.o lol

Set up: 
Today I leave to NL, and so last night I was anxiously trying to sleep and evade the freaking nightmares where I am late for my plane. Like always. So I end up dreaming it after all. I wake up around 2am to an sms of the friend who agreed to take me to the airport. Telling me her phone is not working so to call her bf's phone. That triggered nightmare #1 lol. I dreamed I forgot to call her. And I end up WALKING to the airport on my own. But then I remember like, OMG I Had to call her! So I decided to walk back hoping to make it on time. At this point, I've had so many nightmares with airports and planes now I now they are just dreams. Just like the failing a school test nightmare. lol So half the way back I realized, "hey, I can call her when I wake up." I realized I was now Lucid Dreaming. I figured this would happen soon, as it's always follow after a few consecutive half-lucid dreams where I am in control even if I am unaware is a dream, the more I fly and manipulate everything by thought in previous dreams, the closer I am to an AP state.
So, I stood on a bridge next to the sea, bellow it a house and a HUGE pool with view to the sea. I was taken by the view so I wanted to fly. I decided to jump and fly and a girl passing by was like "is she crazy?" And I jumped.

The Journey:
When I jumped I flew immediately. I started saying out loud, so loud I thought I was going to wake up, but it felt so natural and real. "This is no longer a dream, I am now in control." I suddenly felt myself pulling up from my body at full speed. No vibrations or anything this time. And I flew higher and everything went black and started to spin as I heard my own thoughts. "What should we do first. " And then it was like me having a conversation with myself. "I want to go somewhere where I can prove I was there." I think I meant after I wake up, but I always try to follow the rule of not making any mention to anything awake or body related.
After a few seconds thinking I gave up. "Ok, just take me to NL!" I said it so loud and firmly I really thought I was talking with my body's voice. This is the first time I feel this.

Everything spin as arrive at my destination. A bird-view of an intersection in Rotterdam. I've never been to Rotterdam, still have to, but it was a knowledge, that I knew it was it. Then I was like, ok, (I don't like Rotterdam's modern buildings hence I didn't really spent much time there. But I think it was meant as my proof. I've never been there, but I now know someone I have to meet that lives there so I might be going there and this was I can see if it's what I saw.)

Beating Negativity
"Ok, now I want to see this place 100 years ago" I said attempting time travel. LOL, couldn't think of anything else really, this journey caught me by surprised and unprepared. I was then again with black spinning, transported to the same area, but now with tall old European buildings BUT all colorful lol Like a rainbow street. Was actually very nice, but I figured it was very weird. The people were wearing old clothing though. I started to walk (seems if something looks normal it doesn't interest me lol) and I found myself in a sort of library isle. But with random stuff instead of only books. Books, paintings, frames, mirrors, just stuff. I was looking at one of them and I saw this man, all white, like WHITE white, staring at me. At first I thought he was just passing by but he followed me. So I turned around and he grabbed me. He looked like a vampire, maybe the so call "astral vampires" are true. As he grabbed me, his hands grew some white fangs from the nails and he has the most hideous evil face, not in a demon way, but in a very bad man way with white paint.

I was actually pissed off at it, but I remember I shouldn't feed negativity with fear nor anger. SO I looked him in the eyes, without fear, as I was enjoying myself and I had this much control I wasn't going to let someone ruin it. "Let me go and go away!" I said firmly. He looked at me and open his eyes wide, as I started to send him good energy he grew afraid of me and started to vanish. His fearful look made me feel pity and then compassion, I actually heard the word "compassion" in my head as if someone was teaching them to me and guiding me to do it like that, in a sweet female voice. This made him even more afraid and he vanished in thin air. I beat him!

The Guides
After this event I started to walk further. Behind the isles were what I came to recognize as the "dark" part of my own mind. It was a next room, with an arc, with medieval stuff and torture devices. I knew what was in there and who. Is like, I have been there before in previous dreams. So I stop before continuing knowing I was getting negative and lower on energy after my encounter. I sat on a bench just on front of that room, closed my eyes and took a deep breath to think what to do and get out of there.  I remembered the voice I heard previously so I thought maybe I should try meeting my guides. "I want to go now to a beautiful garden and meet my guides or angels" I said out loud.

Everything spins again and I zoomed in to a jungle, by the beach. In the middle of where I was "landing" there were 2 greenhouse domes. And inside a play ground and a door and some stairs. I thought "Hey! This is not a garden!" There was a puzzle I needed to make in order to "un-flood" the front of the door and get to the second dome to go somewhere. Then I saw a boy sitting inside the dome to the left of the door. He was around 16 - 19 y/o, with sandy blond hair and tan skin. He was playing with something and then started to solve the puzzle. I was confused and waiting for him to finish and he said, "don't worry, you just need a little patience." And he smiled. Then it because a dream and I was in my body. 

The funny thing is I notice, when it became a dream. I saw myself on my body again and then right away back to dreaming. Like a short interruption but back to dream land. lol And at first I thought the boy referred to the puzzle, but then I realized before I stop being lucid, that he refereed to my request of the garden and my guides. I figured that the fact that I was a bit low on energy had to do with it. And that I need to learn to raise my vibrations before doing so. So next time, I will attempt it before the journey. I just need to program myself to it.

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