Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quick Astral Lesson

This is a quick entry. I am sick and this morning I woke up with fever again. Mainly because I was silly yesterday wearing little clothing in a cold weather and wet hair. In any case, I had to sleep today in order to feel better. I went to sleep at 10am or so and fell asleep for 30 mins. Then I know I shouldn't be so stubborn and keep sleeping even if I was bored. So I did, eventually I started dreaming, or more like visualizing, this man with a sort of wooden stick on the floor, pointing me to look to the center of the top of it and repeating the words focus and concentrate. I started to do as he said and before I knew it I found myself in vibration state.
After a while  enjoying that part I flew up and into a weird Alice-in-Wonderland space. It was space, with weird things floating like windows and doors. Landed on a pond like village where a lot of people was resting, but dirty XD. Then went up again and found myself landing on a cube in space where people would sort of stop to rest. Here I returned, mainly because of my cough after breathing so long through my mouth.
So that made it short. But I enjoy the fact that I could do it during daytime. And how I believe it was one of my guides that was teaching me about it. :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


If my observation is correct, I should AT in the following days. I noticed an increase of lucid dreaming before an AP. So I'm paying attention to see if I am correct. Although I am getting sick so that might interfere.