Monday, September 12, 2011

After so long...

Wow... After so long finally again. Two nights ago I had a very lucid dream which started as an astral travel when trying to escape a nightmare.

LAST night. I couldn't sleep, and I sank into one. The whooshing sound and sinking feeling. But then, nothing, I didn't floated, so I thought I failed. While I was hearing some radio signal. I was like "I don't want to listen to a radio, I want to go out of my body." So I stood up to make the sound go away and I find myself, violá, out of my body.

It was all dark so I ask for clarity. I could see my room, the door was brown instead of white. but the rest was the same. Then I was too dense so I couldn't pass through the wall, so I asked to be so light I could cross it. So I push myself a bit against the door and slipped right behind. Again living room/ kitchen dark. I ask to see all as clear as daylight. And lights went on. I walked towards the door and went outside. Were I was now in a weird place.

Two canals of melted concrete were getting filled beside the bridge after the balcony I needed to pass. On the other side a huge fence. And behind the fence PLENTY of people biking. I grabbed a red bike, weird one, and joined them. A little boy almost fell of the long stairs so I cached him with my leg. His father was thanking me, he was dutch. I could hear his accent. And I was trying to explain the kid how lucky he was in dutch. Then I woke up. :P

Short, but nevertheless, I loved how I controlled it at the beginning. :)

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